Shapes in black and white

This set of images, taken about a year ago is centred around shapes and lines – elements of graphic design as they are sometimes called. They were converted from colour into black and white images using Silver Efex Pro.

The first image was taken near Alhama de Granada in Southern Spain. A solitary leaf, all alone, has managed to remain clinging to its tree after all the rest have left.

All alone

All alone

The next image uses shadows to draw triangles on the wall of a ruined barn. Over time, as the sun moves through the sky, the shadows of two poles also move, hence the caption ‘Temporal triangles’.

Temporal triangles

Temporal triangles

‘The winner’, aims to capture two ideas about landscape photography – the first dealing with the interaction between nature and man-made structures through the weathering of stone, the second dealing with the political overlay we can find in our landscape. The stone cross represents a time in Spain’s history after the war resulting in the Christian conquest of Granada in 1492 – it is said that the victors write the history and this cross symbolises that viewpoint as it stands beside a road for all to see as they pass by on the way to one of the iconic buildings of Spain’s Islamic past – Alhambra Palace at Granada.  The stone has also stood the test of time, standing exposed on a ridge weathered by the elements and gradually colonised by nature’s lichens. How long before nature wins its battle against the granite of the stone?

The winner

The winner

This next image uses horizontal and vertical lines in the ‘design’ and tries to convey a sense of gloom. It was taken at Alhama de Granada’s cemetery, showing the steps leading from the car park up to the cemetery gates. I have called it ‘Sad steps’ because they carry the sadness of the mourners up to the cemetery gates. The mourners and the area both needing some care and attention in their sad states.

Sad steps

Sad steps

‘Spanish bars’ is an image of part of a cage I found at a small fishing port in Spain – different to the Spanish bars I usually frequent! I think the cage might be used on the small trawlers to help grade the fish so the smaller fish caught in the nets are returned back to the sea.

Spanish bars

Spanish bars

This final image in the series uses reflection to create shapes. It was taken at Lake Viñuela, Málaga, Spain and framed so that parts of the wooden roots can only be seen through their reflections.

On reflection ...

On reflection …


  2 comments for “Shapes in black and white

  1. January 3, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Lovely B&W images. The first and last are my favorites!

    • davidcollinsfoto
      January 3, 2014 at 2:23 pm

      Really appreciate the feedback. The lake is about 2 miles from my house in Spain and I often admire the overall view but it is nice to also explore the details around the shore.

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