At the Beech

The last few days I have been getting more familiar with using Lightroom 5 for printing and trying Epson Hot Press Bright paper for the first time on My Epson R1800 printer. I haven’t done many prints for quite a while so I’ve quite enjoyed the challenge of matching screen to printer – in a masochistic way!

All the profiling of monitor and printer seems to have paid off though and the ability to simply control the brightness and contrast at the print stage in Lightroom 5 is really useful for fine-tuning the final print with a little shuttling between the soft-proofing option in the Develop module and the Print module to judge the effect of changes.

One of the good things about re-visiting printing is that it has encouraged me to re-visit some images from the past I had always intended to be prints. This one is an abstract (as Ansell Adams would have called it ‘an extract’ because it is an extract from a landscape reality rather that an imaginary creation). I have called the image ‘At the Beech’. A play on words since the image is part of a dying beech tree but it also reminds me of the sort of colonisation and different colours/textures sometimes found in rock pools by the sea. Nature wastes nothing and so, as the beech tree dies, it provides life for other ‘plants’ which create a set of textures and colours that I find really appealing.

At the Beech

At the Beech



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