Developing as a photographer

Photography is a hobby for me, a chance to explore the landscape and nature for fun, but this week I received some positive feedback from other people about my photos which suggests I’m also making progress with my goal of developing the artistic side of my photography.

The first feedback came from a couple who rent out a country villa with lake, mountain and sea views in Andalucia, Spain. They contacted me to say they were developing an update to their current website ( and had been looking for some time for a photograph to showcase the fantastic lake view from their villa – La Amapola (The Poppy) -and help their web site to trigger a positive visual/emotional connection with the area (to increase bookings of course). They asked whether I would give permission to use the image from my blog post ‘What do you see?‘ and after some discussion I agreed.

They also enquired whether I would be available for some commissioned work to showcase their villa and after visiting it (wow – I really liked it, the epitome of rustic Spain – beams, terraces, sunsets, a pool, so much space in which to breathe in the country air and most importantly so many places to sit and relax outside for those ‘Sangria’ moments), I decided it would be great to put a set of images together with them for the new website they are developing so we are working on that at the moment.

The second magic moment for me this week was a request (from a member of a photographic club I attend) to buy a print of an abstract photograph I created recently called ‘Blue Moon’. There is something incredibly positive about someone wanting to own an image that grew from a concept of the moon rising above a mountain side, through a studio shoot into an abstract image and print. Apart from the obvious ‘ego effect’ of someone being willing to pay for one of my prints, it is fundamentally rewarding to create a photograph that is appreciated/valued by other people. It helps to validate your creativity and represents a personal milestone on my journey to develop as an ‘artistic photographer’.

Marius de Zayas describes two types of photographers ( The ‘photographer‘ is said to concentrate on reproducing what he sees in front of him, striving for objectivity, capturing through the camera an accurate representation of something “outside of himself”. The ‘artistic photographer‘ differs by using the camera to capture and express something “that is in himself”, incorporating personal aspirations, ideas and emotions along with the visual objectivity of the scene. Creating a sunset landscape that epitomises my emotional connection with the area and that the owners of La Amapola could also see, and the willingness of someone to pay for an abstract print (Blue Moon) created to suggest the imagery of the moon shining above a mountain suggests that from time to time my ‘artistic photographer’ is also starting to shine through. I’m pleased about that. All in all, an important week on my photographic journey.


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