Month: January 2015

Tired of waiting!

 I’ve been waiting weeks for the almond blossom to bring some light to the hill sides but it is late this year. I decided to take a photo of some artificial blossom we have in the house while I wait for the real thing to appear.


Guardian attacks Phantom and photography


‘Phantom’ – Peter Lik


On 10 December 2014 Jonathan Jones, The Guardian newspaper’s art critic, published an article attacking the artistic and economic value of a print by Peter Lik. The print, called ‘Phantom’, recently became the world’s most expensive photograph selling to a private collector for a reported $6.5 million.In the process of criticising the print, Jones also says the advanced technology of modern cameras means photography can no longer be considered ‘an art’. Implying only a basic level of skill is now required to take great photographs. Point your camera at something beautiful, release the shutter and you get a beautiful photograph. It’s as easy as that. Not content with an attack on photography as ‘an art’ he also makes a sweeping statement that photography can never produce real art. Here is a link to the original article by Jonathan Jones, The Guardian article.

Having read the article and been disappointed by the quality of the critique, I decided to critique the critique. My response concludes:

The Guardian’s attack on Peter Lik’s ‘Phantom’ and photography is hot air rather than an expert opinion. It is not supported by sound arguments. Lik’s photograph and photography generally are simply innocent victims caught in the cross-fire.

My full response can be found through this link: Guardian attacks Phantom.

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