Month: February 2015

Rock in a ruin

Exploring the ruins of an old farm house near Alhama de Granada in Spain I found this still life arrangement on the floor of one of the rooms. I’ve not altered the original position of anything and the lighting is totally natural. The main lighting comes from the bright sun shining into the room through a doorway (it was a lovely sunny day, about 15°C!). A secondary light source came from daylight shining through a hole where the room’s fireplace used to be. The secondary light acts as a fill-light helping to reveal some detail on the ‘dark-side’ of the rock. In camera I underexposed the image by one stop to help accentuate the contrast I wanted in the scene and help de-clutter the background (which is an ‘unlit’ part of the floor). In post-processing I desaturated the colour to reinforce a visual impression of ‘age’ (almost a sepia effect) and to help strengthen the coherence of the composition. Before desaturating, the dark red/brown background colour of the floor tiles on which the rock sits attracted the eye more than I wanted.


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