Month: November 2015

Two different approaches to tree photography

Autumn in England is a good time for traditional, picturesque landscape photography in woodland, but another approach is to use the technique of ‘intentional camera movement’ (ICM) to produce unexpected photographs that look similar to the ‘Impressionism’ style of painting practiced by artists such as Claude Monet. ICM involves long exposure times for a hand-held photograph and a deliberate movement of the camera during the exposure.

The two images shown here were taken with virtually the same exposure. Both taken with a 70mm focal length lens, ISO 100 and an aperture of f11. The difference is the first image was taken using a tripod (2 sec exposure), whilst the second one (1.5 sec exposure) was taken with the camera held at arm’s length and a rapid up and down movement from the wrist during the exposure. The results from ICM can be very hit and miss but generally an up and down movement for vertical subjects such as trees along with an interesting combinations of colours gives a fair chance of success. These two images taken within 200 metres of each other on the same day show the stark difference that can be achieved using the traditional approach to landscape photography with a tripod-mounted camera and sharp focus, compared to the ‘impressionistic painting’ result from ICM without the need for Photoshop post-processing.


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