Month: March 2017

Amazing Aurora

Having sold the house and with a couple of months to fill before moving into the new place, we decided to take a trip to Norway in the hope of seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). It was a short trip, only three days, so the chance of seeing the sky’s natural fireworks was fairly low – dependent on the solar activity and cloudless skies. With that it mind we flew to Oslo and then on to Tromsø which is well above the Arctic Circle and close to the magnetic North Pole, so a great place to ‘chase the Lights’. We were incredibly lucky and saw the Lights every night.

Here are a couple of photos. The first taken from land and the second taken whilst out at sea in a motor catamaran. They aren’t the greatest shots I’ve seen of the Aurora but you have to start somewhere and it was about -15°C!



Time to move on

Life in southern Spain has been fantastic – out in the countryside, mountain views, sunny nearly every day and even snow on the mountain tops in Winter. However, after 11 years it was time for a new adventure, so we sold the house and moved north. Goodbye to mountain views and hello to the beach.

After woodland photography, my next photographic passion is the exploration of rocky, seaside coastlines and there’s plenty of those in the new location. Not had time for any serious photography yet but I’ve started exploring some of the rocky coves in the area to get a better feel for the photographic potential of the local coastline and it looks very promising. For now an iPhone photo to give an idea of the local coastline alongside a memory of the mountains we’ve left behind.





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