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Out on the street


With a camera in hand I’m normally more at home exploring a country landscape but from time to time I do venture out into the city. This diptych was taken a few days ago in Malaga City, Southern Spain.

I still feel uncomfortable with some aspects of street photography but it does provide a good opportunity to reflect on the nature of Society, or it can just make us stop and reflect on our own lives compared to those of others.

In a sense our own journey through life has some parallels with city streets. There’s usually a lot going on in them and even though they are separate, with each street having its own name, from time to time they do intersect with each other.

Photography has immense power to capture snapshots of life on the streets, I am particularly interested in those moments when lives touch, when peoples’ paths cross. People in the same place, at the same time, but travelling through very different lives with contrasting fortunes and futures.


Birch trees in Padley Gorge woods

Birch_tree_DiptychI’ve been experimenting with blending photos again. I think I’m going to end up with a series of images showing the patterns and lines you can find in trees. Some may remember the ‘Winter Trees’ image which was the start point. Anyway for this image I tried putting the original (straight out of the camera without any adjustments) alongside the finished blend in a diptych. I don’t know why yet but I find the combination really appealing. Perhaps it’s because together they make me look deeper at the two images. Maybe the two photos together raise metaphorical questions about creativity or even mystery about the process of transition. Whatever the reason, I’m going to experiment more with the idea of ‘before and after’ diptychs within my ‘Tree’ series.

A landscape diptych

I have been attending a group called ‘The Image Group’ (TIG) for just over a month now after exposing my creative talent (or the lack of it!) at the Royal Photographic Society’s Distinction Advisory Day organised by TIG. The group meets weekly in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, Spain and has an interesting mix of people. Most are very experienced photographers who earned a…


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