At the Beech

The last few days I have been getting more familiar with using Lightroom 5 for printing and trying Epson Hot Press Bright paper for the first time on My Epson R1800 printer. I haven’t done many prints for quite a while so I’ve quite enjoyed the challenge of matching screen to printer – in a…

Shapes in black and white

This set of images, taken about a year ago is centred around shapes and lines – elements of graphic design as they are sometimes called. They were converted from colour into black and white images using Silver Efex Pro. The first image was taken near Alhama de Granada in Southern Spain. A solitary leaf, all alone,…

What do you see?

This post is triggered by a definition of landscape in the introduction of a book by Liz Wells (2011), ‘Land Matters: Landscape Photography, Culture and Identity’. She offers a definition of landscapes as, “vistas encompassing both nature and the changes that humans have effected on the natural world”. Thinking about the definition made me return to a landscape…

Looking for my voice!

When considering a visit to view and analyse Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s work in the Museo Picasso in Malaga City, it struck me that I would find it a struggle to describe the essence of ‘my photography’ to someone, never mind thinking about dissecting Picasso’s art! I decided therefore to articulate some ideas and thoughts about developing a distinctive photographic voice…


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